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Personal data protection

1. The customer orders products and provides voluntarily the information necessary to perform the contract.

2. The information is used solely for the purpose of customer service.

3. Information provided by the customer is not available to third parties, except for partner companies (courier companies, etc...) directly involved in the service and execution of customer orders.

The online store takes all necessary measures to protect stored information from the client, but is not responsible if it is gained by third parties as a result of illegal made of a breakthrough in the system on the site. Subject to applicable law and the provisions of these Terms, can use customer's personal data solely for the purposes set out in the General Conditions. is entitled to use the information in items 1 to offer products and / or services to customers, promotions, sending greetings, organizing raffles, requests for statistical and any other lawful purposes, unless express disapproval of same sent by e-mail in the "Contacts" web page

Any other purposes for which the data is used will be in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international instruments, internet label, the rules of morality and decency.

Disclosure undertakes not to disclose any personal customer data to third parties - government bodies, companies, individuals and others, except in cases where:

  • has obtained the express written consent of the Client;

  • information is required by state bodies or officials, who according to current legislation are entitled to demand and collect such information;

  • is required to provide information under the law.


Why LED?

Save from 50% up to 90% energy

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Resistant to vibrations and shocks, LEDs are one of the most stable light sources available.

Safe for use

Unlike fluorescent bulbs, environmentally friendly LED lighting contains no mercury or other toxins making them safe to work around and dispose of.

No UV light

LEDs do not emit ultra violet (UV) light, which means the light is less harsh on skin and clothes, and won't attract bugs. Easy on parchment, artwork, and sensitive materials, LEDs are ideal for museum lighting applications.

Cool to the touch

The LED bulb doesn't generate significant amounts of heat, which means they are cool to the touch and ideal for heat sensitive lighting arrangements.

Long source life

LEDs have from 10 to 100 times longer life compared to other light sources. LEDs can work 10 to 20 years without need of exchange or any additional expences.

Dynamics and variety

LED light sources are easy to program. Set brightness, effects and color by your choice.

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