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General terms is the official web site and online shop of LED CORRECT Ltd.

Visiting and usage of the online store by a customer is considered for General terms’ acceptance. may change at any time prices, terms and conditions concerning the implementation of the orders and the use of the site. Client owes prices and is obliged to comply with the terms that were current at the time of the order.

Products offered in the online store are updated based on the stock, but it is possible some model or a given quantity to be not available. In the absence of stock of the declared goods the customer will be notified by phone or indicated by the e-mail address within 24 hours of placing the order.

It is assumed that the customer’s email upon registration is up to date and checked regularly. By sending information to it is considered that the client has officially been informed about its content.

When there is an untrue or wrong email address, contact person and / or phone when placing the order is not bound by any obligation to perform the contract.

Why LED?

Save from 50% up to 90% energy

See how much you save: "LED light sources comparision table"


Resistant to vibrations and shocks, LEDs are one of the most stable light sources available.

Safe for use

Unlike fluorescent bulbs, environmentally friendly LED lighting contains no mercury or other toxins making them safe to work around and dispose of.

No UV light

LEDs do not emit ultra violet (UV) light, which means the light is less harsh on skin and clothes, and won't attract bugs. Easy on parchment, artwork, and sensitive materials, LEDs are ideal for museum lighting applications.

Cool to the touch

The LED bulb doesn't generate significant amounts of heat, which means they are cool to the touch and ideal for heat sensitive lighting arrangements.

Long source life

LEDs have from 10 to 100 times longer life compared to other light sources. LEDs can work 10 to 20 years without need of exchange or any additional expences.

Dynamics and variety

LED light sources are easy to program. Set brightness, effects and color by your choice.

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